Evacuator Alarms – UK’s Most Reliable British Manufacturer of Fire Safety Products

We are a leading family-led business that has been actively contributing to building safer working environments for over 20 years. As the UK’s most trusted manufacturer of fire alarms, Evacuator Alarms is based in Birmingham, supplying reliable products that really make a difference. 

Number 1 in Fire Alarm Ranges across the UK 

Evacuator Alarms is a leader in providing fire safety products manufactured in the UK. Shipping nationwide and across Europe, including France, Netherlands and Germany, Evacuator Alarms is the top choice when it comes to fire alarms and fire safety products. Our product range is designed to not only offer the best usability and experience to our customers but to also provide the highest quality by incorporating the latest technology on the market. We don’t compromise on quality and our products are offered at accessible prices to all of our customers.

Taking care of your Fire Safety Needs

Providing excellent customer service is also part of our ethos. We ensure that our products are delivered and successfully installed by our teams so that you can trust your safety requirements are in good hands. As a leader in fire safety technologies, we have supported countless customers across the UK and Europe to get their fire safety products in place. Our approach is the same: to provide the right systems that your site needs, regardless of their size or industry. Our team will also ensure that you have no difficulty installing our products on your site and that you get the right support before, during and after the purchase. 


Latest Fire Alarm Technology for the Modern UK

As the No. 1 British Manufacturer of Fire Alarms, our products are always incorporating the latest technologies which makes us one of the top providers of fire alarms carefully designed for any type of construction site. Continuous development is at the core of our business in order to provide the most reliable models available on the market. That’s why our products are easy to use and provide an excellent design that’s meant to endure any situation. 

Wide Ranges of Fire Alarms & Fire Safety Products

We have a wide range of both Hardwired and Wireless Alarms ready to be installed on any construction site. Our aim is to build safer working environments with products that are fully compliant with industry regulations, standards and latest changes. As part of our fire safety products, we also provide a wide range of extinguisher storage, first aid, accessories and safety signs designed to complement any additional safety requirements that your site might need. 

Our customers choose us because they know their fire safety needs are in good hands. Evacuator Alarms always go the extra mile for customers in ensuring their site is fully compliant and fully protected against any dangerous situation.

Our UK manufactured range of CE Marked Temporary Site Alarms offer an excellent means of raising the alarm when you do not have a fixed alert system in place. 

Our Site Master range is a superb 9 volt operated stand-alone Site Alarm which can be linked with up to twenty-five other Site Masters using a two core cable.

If you are looking for a wireless product we offer the Synergy range with a Category 1 Transceiver complying to the latest regulations