7 Reasons to Choose a Wireless Fire Alarm for Your Construction Site

If you are responsible for the fire safety of a construction project, you might be considering going wireless with your fire detection system. Below we’ll explore some of the reasons why a wireless solution could be the right option for you and we take a look at some of the best temporary wireless fire alarms in the UK market this year.

Top 7 Reasons to Go Wireless

Achieving compliance with the HSG 168 requirements for fire safety at construction sites in the UK can be a lot easier if you have a wireless fire alarm system at your premises. More than that, with dozens of fires occurring in buildings under construction across the UK each year, a modern fire detection system can save both lives and property from serious damage. With this in mind, let’s explore the top 7 reasons to go wireless when choosing the right fire safety solution for your next construction project:

  1. Speedy Installation

One of the best things about temporary wireless fire alarms is that they can be installed quickly and easily at any location. With a wireless system, you save yourself the trouble of having to set up a complex system of wires and cables that requires drilling and making holes to connect to the mains power system. The whole process is completed a lot faster than the installation of a hard-wired alarm which means minimal disruptions, less downtime and fewer delays for your construction project.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution 

With the easy installation of your wireless fire alarm system comes a budget-friendly price tag. As the process requires a lot less time and manpower, the cost of installation is significantly lower than that of hardwired alarm systems. Also, the cost of maintenance and repairs is lower in the long-term, as the system is more easily accessible and keeping in a working condition doesn’t involve breaking walls to get to the cable system. 

  1. Flexibility Design for the Future 

Wireless fire alarm systems are flexible by design which makes them a practical option that offers sustainability for the entire lifespan of your project. They can be tailored to the specific requirements of your construction site and what’s more – they can be adapted to the changing layout of the site over time. You can easily add more units, as the building project expands or you can move existing units around the site with ease to protect various areas you are currently working on. 

  1. Reliable Network  

Modern wireless fire alarms use reliable radio frequency technology that comes with an impressive single range that can cover even large construction sites. With a reliable communication network in place, all units within the wireless alarm system can communicate with each other through the layers of steel and concrete used when working on a building project. 

  1. Advanced Fire Safety Options 

By going wireless you can bring your construction project’s fire safety into the world of cutting-edge technology. Depending on the specific fire safety requirements of your building site, you can choose to add various elements to your wireless alarms system. From carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, sprinklers and LED displays to smart digital solutions for communication, improved functionality and fire reporting data storage. 

  1. Full Control of Your Fire Safety  

As a modern fire safety solution, wireless fire alarms could enable you to monitor the safety of all your building projects remotely. The information gathered by the base station can be very detailed giving you full visibility of everything that is happening in specific areas of your construction site. It’s a great tool for achieving regulatory compliance with the UK legal requirements for fire safety at construction sites. 

  1. Reusable Long-Term Investment 

Completed all building works? You can still put your existing fire alarms system to use. One of the biggest advantages of temporary wireless fire alarms is that they can be reused for future construction projects. You can install the same units in a completely different configuration for your next building venture, making this a long-term investment that keeps on giving. 

Wireless Fire Alarm Solutions From Evacuator Site Alarms

Ready to go wireless? Discover some of the best wireless fire alarm solutions developed by Evacuator Site Alarms – the leading British Manufacturer of temporary wireless fire alarms.


The Synergy RF range offers a practical, fully-wireless solution for any construction site. Easy to install and move around the system includes a selection of fire alarms, call points, sounder strobe, base station and first aid, as well as heat and smoke detectors. Our popular Evacuator Synergy GSM 2 is equipped with a Category 1 Radio Receiver and can notify five people via text message simultaneously in the event of a fire emergency.


The Synergy TS range offers a powerful wireless fire alarm detection system perfect for large construction sites with multiple separate zones. With the capability to connect 40-120+ devices, impressive sounder solutions (85db, 110db) and a dual “Fire Alarm – First Aid”  functionality it secures your entire building site. You can also benefit from a real-time activity log and secure USB data storage for full regulatory compliance. 



Synergy + is the latest range of fire detection products by Evacuator Site Alarms. With the ability to link up to 250 devices, it presents an unmatched solution for even the biggest construction sites. Designed to offer double the range of its predecessors along with extended battery life, it’s a reliable but simple solution. Synergy + is equipped with smart technology, such as Cloud-based monitoring, intelligent device pairing and a mesh network of units that protects you from full-system failure caused by a single device. 

Get Expert Advice on Wireless Fire Alarm Safety 

At Evacuator Site Alarms, we’re always looking for ways to bring innovation into the fire safety at construction sites, so we are constantly developing pioneering technology in the field. For advice on the most suitable wireless fire safety solutions for your specific project, get in touch with our team of experts on 0330 135 5337 or at sales@evacuatoralarms.com and stay protected 24/7.