Construction Site Fire Alarms

Site Alarms for open environments

Construction site alarm systems come in one of two flavours, security alarms for theft and manual fire alarms where it is not yet practical to install a heat or smoke detection system. Construction sites are the most common use case but any temporary structure benefits from a manual fire alarm.

We understand the risk of a fire breaking out on a building site is always a demanding consideration. With all the exposed raw materials and tools in such close proximity to one another and not enough eyes to monitor large areas, construction site alarms are a must for most projects.

The potential loss involving a fire and resulting liabilities are costly so it is easy to see why site fire alarms are so popular. When deciding on which alarm system to install or whether you want to take such safety measures at all, consider the potential cost should a fire break out.

Temporary alarm systems are becoming increasingly more common. Since they are battery powered they are ideal for building sites, Being CE RoHs and EMC Compliant our wireless fire alarms are fully suited for use on construction sites.

Fire Protection At Its Best

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The Benefits Of Evacuator Alarms

On a construction site, you won’t necessarily have a structure to protect your site alarms from the elements. The synergy RF alarm range is wireless and designed in mind with moving from site to site.

While construction work is underway, a site can be quite loud. If an emergency required an alarm to be raised, you would want to be sure people can hear it, and the alarm was not drowned out by operating machinery. With an extremely loud 110db siren, our system raises the alarm to alert people in the area.


  • Easy to place, install and move
  • cost-effective solution to on-site safety
  • We manufacture our own alarms
  • Fully compliant for use on construction sites
  • Durable and robust
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RF fire alarms have no need to be wired to the mains, this is a significant benefit when a system is being used on a construction site allowing for a marginal set-up time and no need to connect to a generator when mains power is not available. This quick and simple solution is perfect for construction where the alarms can easily be re-applied to different sites.

Keeping the fire alarms wireless goes beyond removing the need to wire from the mains. Using the text master you can alert key stakeholders in the event of an alarm via text removing the need for telephone lines.

Usability for construction sites is a big part of the RF fire alarms design, we ensured the range on our alarms is significant enough that placement does not have to be limited by the design. This provides the freedom to locate the fire alarms in the optimal position and not just where the technology allows.
Keeping the fire alarms wireless goes beyond removing the need to wire from the mains. Using the text master you can alert key stakeholders in the event of an alarm via text removing the need for telephone lines.

Working with our customers we understand that the benefits of a wireless system are hampered if it is not simple to set-up and operates. Our Alarms use a simple plug and play method to make installation a breeze. While testing fire alarms is a necessary part of fire safety we have done our best to ensure it is not a chore, we provide secure key fobs for test and reset control.

The RF fire alarm makes fire safety easy to set-up and easy to maintain. Being able to remove and re-install on new projects also makes them an investment for any business that can use them again when a project is over. The last thing you want to happen is to continuously replace alarms due to damage or short-lived batteries. The RF alarm system has a rugged new enclosure to protect the fire alarm and a long lasting battery to keep it running.

Easy Fix Mounting Boards

Getting the most out of a wireless system requires a simple and quick installation. Our mounting boards make fitting an alarm on a construction site quick and easy. Limiting how the alarm can be mounted reduces the places you can mount an alarm and therefore where you can fit them.

The mounting board is designed so you can mount an alarm on a wall, fence or post, depending on your needs. Keeping installation simple means you do not have to remove the front cover of the alarm to move it, saving time and effort when this is required over the course of a project.

The board is made of a composite aluminium and is suitable for outdoor environments when used with the RF alarms.