Evacuator Wireless Alarms

The Synergy+ 

Wireless fire alarms

About the Synergy+

The Synergy+ has been developed with multiple applications and requirements in mind, from construction sites, refurbishments, outdoor events and even harsh outdoor environments. With a potential of 250 mixed devices such as Base Stations, Call Points, Sounder strobes, Auto Detection, Relay interfaces, and GSM/Gateway units can be paired into each system. Each device has a simple pairing process that secures them into our fully encrypted mesh network. This encryption protects the Synergy+ system from any unwanted radio interference that could otherwise jeopardize the function of the system.  Designed with EN54 requirements in mind, our Synergy+ achieves up to three years battery life, operates on 869mhz radio frequency and offers a rapid alert should one of the devices loose connection


Key Features:

  • Category One radio module
  • Operating frequency 869Mhz
  • 3 years battery life
  • Up to 250 fully addressable devices
  • Encrypted secure mesh network
  • Optional First Aid function
  • CE, UKCA, ROHS & EMC Compliant
  • En45 MCP component
  • En45 Auto Detection components
  • Easy secure pairing
  • Battery Low indication & Monitoring
  • IP rating of IP55
  • In house designed ABS Moulded enclosure

  • Loud 110dB Siren/strobe unit

  • Optional Cloud based Monitoring

  • On screen alarm log
  • Optional zoning
  • Ultra Fast Device Loss Monitoring
  • Off Site Text Alert
  • Auto Reset Function

The Synergy-RF 


About the Synergy-rf

Our Synergy-RF range of temporary wireless alarms offers a simple and cost effective solution for smaller projects allowing up to 40 mixed devices to be paired wirelessly together via a mesh network.  Devices within the Synergy-RF system consist of Base Stations, Call Points, Auto Detection, Sounder Strobes, Relay units, and GSM Dialers. Our Synergy-RF System has the unique ability to offer all devices (Apart from GSM) as a battery only set up. So no Mains power, no problem.

 Key Features:

  • Category 1 radio module
  • Independently tested to ETSI-300-220-1
  • IP Rating – IP55
  • 40 Addressable devices
  • Up to 12months battery life
  • Automatic battery low indication
  • Completely wireless operation
  • “Plug and Play” self-installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The silent range test facility Secure “Swipe Key Fob” provides test and reset control
  • Combined strobe and 110dB sounder First Aid function