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Fire Blankets – Kitemarked Fire Resistance

So How Do Fire Blankets Work?

Fire blankets can put fires out more quickly and easily than fire extinguishers if you are not used to using them. The fire retardant material of the blanket will put the blaze out, so long as they fully cover the source of the fire, and are used before the fire spreads.

Fire blankets are used to extinguish small fires and offer some fire protection. Nobody wants their World Cup BBQ to be ruined by a fire breaking out after Dave burnt the sausages. By smothering the source of a fire with one of our blankets, you can stop a blaze before it puts you and your family in danger. To give you total peace of mind, all of our fire blankets are kitemarked to the highest regulatory standards. That way you know that should you need to use it, your fire blanket will never let you down.

Only attempt to use a fire blanket if it is safe to do so. If the fire spreads and becomes uncontrollable, do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself. Please evacuate the building and contact the emergency services (999) immediately.

How To Use A Fire Blanket

 Your fire blanket will come with a protective container. Please always store your blanket in this container. It is best to mount the container near to your stove or oven, but not so close that the container could be caught itself, in the event of a fire.

Please use your fire blanket as follows:


  1. Ensure that the heat source (your barbecue for example) is turned off as quickly as possible, only if it is safe to do. If this is not possible, evacuate the building and contact the emergency services (999) immediately.
  2. Once you have turned off the heat source, pull your fire blanket’s tapes to release the blanket from the protective container.
  3. Using the blanket as a shield, protect yourself from the blaze at all times. If necessary wrap the fire blanket around your hands to keep yourself safe.
  4. Gradually place the blanket over the entire area which is on fire, so that the fire is completely smothered.
  5. Before removing the blanket, leave the area covered by it to cool completely.

If Dave has managed to set his shirt and the barbecue on fire, gently wrap the fire blanket around him, until the flame has completely extinguished. If possible, remove any clothing which has been caught by the flames, before covering it in the fire blanket. It may be useful to purchase two fire blankets, so that should cooking apparatus cause a fire that spreads to someone’s clothing, both fires can be extinguished easily.

Kitchen Fire Blanket

Has your attempt at cordon-bleu cooking turned into a flaming wreck? By using a fire blanket, you can safely put out any small fires, so that should one break out in the pan, only your pride is singed. Our kitchen fire blankets have prevented thousands of minor blazes from becoming major house fires.