Evac-m.com is the newest gateway portal designed to monitor and manage Synergy+ systems. Customers can easily view how many devices are on their site(s) and if there are any issues relating to a specific unit. The server keeps a log of any faults triggered making meaning our engineers can get right to the issue when maintenance call outs take place. It also has the ability to input designated phone numbers of up to ten individual responsible people so that they be alerted of any fire or first aid calls.

Unit statuses are coded by colour, green indicates everything is running with no issues, yellow relates to a battery issue, grey suggests there has been no contact for 4 hours while black signals there has been no connectivity for over 6 hours .


  • Unit Number: Site managers can view each device correlating to it’s given number.
  • Last Message and message sent time (in minutes)
  • Hops: How far across the mesh network a unit takes to reach the base station
  • Signal strength: Monitor units with low signal strength.
  • Battery Level: Monitor battery levels, know when it’s time to arrange battery changes so you’re never without power.
  • Description/Location: Users can write custom text descriptions to help determine the location of the unit, making it easier for technicians to locate.
  • Monitor on/off: Disable monitoring during unit maintenance so no false alerts are relayed.
  • Raw Data: An active log of all messages relayed from the unit and to which GSM device they were sent via.

In addition to the features mentioned, the gateway allows site managers to store up to 10 different contacts* which can be contacted via text, email and/or call when an alert is triggered on a device. Alerts will include the unit number, time, location, description of the device triggered, meaning those responsible can head straight to the source. Users have the ability to remotely reset a unit as well as monitor alerts directly on their mobile phone.

The Gateway also boasts a simple and easy dashboard to navigate. Site Managers of multiple sites can see all their sites in one and any warning messages. There is also a breakdown of how many units are correctly operating and how many are displaying errors.

Site Managers are also able to input details of engineers who installed the system on site, knowing who to contact should a site need maintenance.

*Split into 5 contacts for fire and 5 contacts for first aid
**Subscription required annually, initial 12 month subscription comes free with the purchase of a device.