Fire Alarm Call Points

We’ve all seen a manual call point, in public buildings, hospitals and offices. They are familiar with their bright red housing and box-like shape. It allows anyone to raise the alarm in the event of a fire by pressing a button.

Fortunately, glass is no longer used as it was expensive to repair and perhaps unsurprisingly, people got injured. Plastic elements are now used and must be firmly pressed to set the alarm off to avoid accidental triggers.

Once triggered, it will send a signal to a control panel where the set protocol can take over, whether that is to automatically notify emergency services, an individual monitoring the system or something similar. It is another form of fire detection that relies on people rather than sensors to detect smoke or heat.

Your fire protection consultant will advise you that the call point should be installed as part of a fire alarm system, about 1.4 meters high so that it is easily accessible and visible. Manual call points are typically placed along all exit routes and by all staircases. It is required that these call points can always be found within 30 meters of one another.