Water Mist Extinguishers


Choosing Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Our range includes Jewel Saffire Water Mist Extinguishers which work in a very easy manner. The discharge de-ionised water that forms a mist jet capable of putting out any fire. Compared to the other extinguishers such as powder. foam or wet chemical, the water mist fire extinguishers are able to tackle bigger fires.

Latest Water Mist Technology

Our products have the latest technology incorporated into their design. The water mist extinguishers are capable of producing over 22 billion water droplets which come from only a single litre of water. This is due to the molecular dimensions of the droplets, which together form an ultra-fine mist with a higher capability of combating any fire. The water mist fire extinguisher is also referred to as the ”dry” water mist extinguisher because the mist it creates does not leave any traces nor any collateral damage.

Extensive Fire Extinguishing Capabilities

The water mist fire extinguishers have the capability of putting out fires including class A, B, C and F type fires. In addition, they are also very good with handling fires that come from live electrical equipment of up to 1000V. The reason why the water mist fire extinguisher is so versatile and superior is due to the way it operates in front of fires: creating a mist curtain, it immediately cuts the oxygen supply.  Since the droplets are also very small, they can tackle burning liquids or fats without creating any adverse reactions, which would be the case with fires types B and F. In terms of materials that water mist extinguishers can be used with, they include electrical equipment such as laptops, printers, furnishing, wood, clothing, gas flames. This is why they are so suitable for closed spaces such as offices, homes, workshops etc.


Our water mist fire extinguishers do not contain any chemical substances and are 100% recyclable. It is also safe to use them when performing a test and servicing the units as they only use de-ionised water.

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