Synergy TS

Our Synergy TS range wireless fire alarms are a powerful fire detection solution designed to be used on large sites covering between 40 – 120+ interconnected addressable devices across multiple zones. With a dual “Fire Alarm – First Aid” functionality, it can help you execute your emergency response plan quickly and efficiently across all areas of your premises. 

Equipped with touch screen functionality, real-time activity log and secure USB storage for all your data, this modern wireless alarm system by Evacuator Alarms allows you to monitor your site in real-time and helps you gather key information needed to keep a compliant fire safety activity logbook. 

With our powerful sounder solutions (85db, 110db) and long-lasting battery, the Synergy TS range is a cost-efficient solution defined by British quality. For any questions related to our wireless alarm systems, feel free to get in touch on 0330 135 5337 and our team of fire safety experts will be happy to assist.

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