Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems & Equipment

Our wireless fire alarms allow you to scale up your system without the need for cables and additional works. Ideal for protecting large building sites, these wireless alarms can be constructed very quickly and modified as the building site evolves. They don’t require a mains power supply as they are battery operated and their large range removes the need for any cables between them.

The flexible nature of this system means it can be used again and again in different locations and at different events. Evacuator Alarms manufacture and supply to some of the country’s most reputable fire safety companies and professionals alike all across the UK. Our range of fire alarms incorporates functionality for fire detection and first aid. 

When Indoors wireless alarms have the benefit of heat and smoke detectors to compliment the manual alarms which can be fitted to ceilings and automatically set off the alarms if heat or smoke are detected. Text alerts can also be sent in the event of an alarm alerting select personnel even if they are not in the vicinity, the ability to silence the system with a unique code is also a benefit of integrating the text master with your wireless system.

In the event of an alarm when people need to evacuate, bottlenecks slow down the evacuation process and can cause injury if too many people are pressed into one area. When an alarm is raised you can automatically trigger turnstiles to spin freely preventing a bottle neck at entrance’s and exits.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Evacuator Alarms

Industry Leaders

With over 20 years of experience, we are a proud family-led business that has been supporting businesses across the UK with their fire safety needs in a quest to build safer environments.


British Manufacturers

Made in the UK, our products are compliant with the industry regulations, standards and latest changes. We make sure we deliver only the best quality to all of our clients.

Latest Technologies

Continuous development is at the core of our business in order to provide the most reliable models available on the market.


What makes us stand out is the delivering impeccable customer service and exceeding client’s expectations. That’s why we always make sure we have sound systems in place that are secure, strong and reliable

Ok, so how exactly do wireless fire alarms work?

The way wireless alarm systems work is based on wireless radio signals which are transmitted to and from individual units throughout your premises. A fire alarm control panel or *base station* is at the heart of the wireless fire alarm system and is where a lot of the automation occurs. The units that communicate with the control panel are varied and so you will want to consult with your fire safety professional before installing anything.

For the user there it is no different to using a hardwired system when a fire breaks out. They instantly recognise the red alarm, break the glass and then the alarm sounds as a signal is sent to the control panel. This means you don’t need to provide specialist training for your staff and you can be up and running in no time.

Call Points

The call point is a small box mounted on the wall where everyone can easily see it and raise the alarm in the event of a fire. When selecting a call point as part of your system you will want to make sure it is CE RoHS and EMC compliant and that it is independently tested.

You will also want to look out for the little things, such as an alert if the battery ever ran low or plug and play installations that will make your life much easier.

Smoke Detectors

Wireless Smoke alarms can work in synergy with call points and other wireless units. We are often asked, “are wireless smoke alarms reliable?”. They are ideal for fast flaming fires and since they trigger an alarm when there is smoke they are for indoor use only. They are designed to be ceiling mounted and so this will play into your decision when building your system.

Heat Detectors

This is the ideal complement to a fire alarm system that relies on a lot of manual call points. Since they use heat to trigger the alarm they are suitable for indoor use only. It is worth remembering that technically, heat detectors and heat alarms are different. Not many detectors will actually sound when triggered, instead, they send the instruction to specialised units to alert the whole building.

Wireless sounder strobe system

Sounders & Strobes

We don’t need to stress the importance of these types of alarms. They are responsible for alerting people to the danger and starting the process of evacuating the site safely. The best alarms of this type combine both high decibel sounds and bright LED strobe lights. Not only does this combination do a better job of alerting people but it means those who are visually or hearing impaired can receive the same early warning.

Evacuator call point with first aid

First Aid

A first aid alarm is very different in its use to a fire alarm. For one thing, the whole building does not often need to be evacuated when a call for first aid goes out. Having a sympathetic fire alarm system that allows for more than one type of alarm is a bonus and should be considered when planning for any installation.

Cloud and GSM

Being alerted via text message or similar means when an alarm is triggered as well as being able to shut it off with a simple text response you can also look into the analytics of your site stats. such as battery lows, the signal strength of devices, and how many alarms the site has had.  

Are Wireless Fire Alarm Systems right for me?

Key Benefits

  • Category 1 Receiver
  • 3 year Battery Life 
  • Cheaper to install than hardwired options
  • No wires mean a quick and easy installation
  • Minimal disruption to your Site
  • Easily can expand the system to grow with your project
  • Reusable for other sites



This is a fire and first aid alarm system that can incorporate multiple call points from heat detection to first aid alerts and a control panel for temporary fire cover during construction works.


  • An easy solution that is fully compliant for use on construction sites.
  • A low-cost system. Extended battery and replaceable components.
  • We are the manufacturer, get it straight from the source.
  • Simple to configure and reuse
  • Reliable wireless technology
  • Durable and robust


Wireless fire alarms

Get the most from your Wireless Fire Alarms

Interior and Exterior alarms can be mounted using easy fix mounting boards. Fit the alarm to the board and fix the alarm for the application.

Using the mounting board makes moving alarms from one location to another quick and easy by removing the need to take the front cover off the alarm to access any fittings. This is very useful in applications where the alarms are installed on a temporary basis such as events for music or food.

Mounting boards are the perfect complement to wireless alarms by removing the restrictions on where you can safely fit them.