P50 Fire Extinguishers, Your long-term solution

P50 extinguishers are known as service-free fire extinguishers because, well, they don’t need servicing. They don’t require a discharge test either so our Britannia P50 extinguishers are good for ten years with no maintenance costs.

All our extinguishers are kitemarked and CE marked and come with a 10-year warranty. They are recyclable, meaning they can be refurbished by the manufacturer after discharge or when they expire in 10 years.

So what makes this so special?

The new P50 fire extinguisher has been the subject of much controversy in the fire safety industry. One only needs to read it’s description to see why; it claims to be eco-friendly, cheaper in the long run and all without the need for regular servicing. So is that the end of traditional fire extinguishers?

Not quite. The P50 extinguishers only come in foam and powder at present. They handle class A and B fires for foam and class A, B, and C for powder. That means at the very least you still need a traditional extinguisher to handle class D fires and some electrical risks.

P50s do have much higher ratings than their older counterparts, with more than double the A rating at 1,000kv, meaning far fewer extinguishers are needed to cover the same area. So what about being cheaper? Yes, if you are the big picture type, but initially the P50 does cost more (like almost 3 times more). It is important to remember though that they will always be more cost-effective in the long run.


Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about this relatively new technology. No time to read through them all? Just start a live chat with us by clicking the icon in the corner and a fire safety professional will be able to answer all your questions.

What happens to the P50 extinguisher after 10 years?
Simple, we refurbish it for you and you are good to go for another 10 years.
It seems too good to be true, where does this 10 year lifespan come from?

Because our extinguishers do not corrode, the premixed foam is guaranteed to last 10 years. It comes down to the build of the extinguisher which is different from the traditional steel designs.

What about UV light degradation?

The exterior is UV protected and will protect the core from any UV light damage.

Will my insurance accept the Britannia P50 extinguishers?

Yes. We can’t speak for all insurance companies but most have approved the P50 extinguishers. Always notify your insurer of any changes that may affect your policy.

What about CO2 extinguishers, I still need them right?

No, you don’t. CO2 extinguishers have always been used for managing the risk of electronic equipment but with the P50s you are still compliant and able to satisfy the findings from your fire risk assessment. The exception is any risk with an F rating.

Can I reuse the P50 extinguisher if it has been discharged?

Yes, we can refurbish the extinguisher and send it back to you.

Plastic!? Won’t the extinguisher melt in a fire?

No, the plastic used is either stainless, brass or a composite. Our P50 extinguishers have gone through the same fire tests as traditional extinguishers.

Who can do the yearly visual inspection for a P50?

Anyone, so long as they’ve read the side of the extinguisher and can record the inspection in the company’s fire safety log.

Are the P50 extinguishers suitable for cold environments?

Yes, reasonably so. The P50 powder extinguisher can be used at temperatures as low as -20°C. The P50 foam extinguisher can be used at temperatures as low as -10°C when antifreeze is added during the manufacturing process. Just be sure to ask before buying.