Fire Extinguisher Stands

Safe and Secure Stands

Make sure that your fire extinguisher is always upright and easily accessible with one of our safe and secure stands. You will find our fire extinguisher stands to be strong, mobile and ideal for any building or construction site.

Extinguisher stands are effective when it is not possible or appropriate to mount fire extinguishers on the wall. This could be due to the risk of damage, the available height or other reasons. Evacuator extinguisher stands are built to look professional and pleasing to the eye while taking up minimum space and maintaining all practical elements that make it an effective fire safety point. This means being able to accommodate all sizes of fire extinguishers and making the removal of any equipment obvious so that it is addressed promptly.

There is nothing worse than being on a building site, noticing a fire breaking out, and being unable to extinguish it because your fire extinguisher has been knocked over and damaged. By using one of our stands, you can make sure that your fire extinguisher is kept in the same place, at all times so that everyone on site knows where to find it in case of an emergency. Better still, using a stand will help to protect your fire extinguisher from damage. It is illegal for a fire extinguisher to be placed on the ground without being placed on a stand. Our safety equipment will ensure that your site is always secure and compliant.


All of our stands have:

  • Durable and tough design
  • Are available in red or grey
  • Can be single or double
  • Are UK manufactured
  • Come in various alarm options
  • Bespoke Signage Setups
  • Company Branding Options


Single extinguisher fire point in red

Universal fire point single

Double fire extinguisher point in red

universal fire point double

Universal extinguisher stand in red