Fire Safety Signs

Fire points help manage fire safety and legal compliance. Getting control of a fire before it becomes unmanageable is critical to protecting your employees and your project. Making sure everyone knows where to grab the correct fire extinguisher and that it is easily accessible is a fundamental step to that end. It is not always possible to affix fire extinguishers and other safety equipment to a wall, especially in open-plan offices or on construction sites.

Fire point signs need to be easily identified and positioned appropriately so that in the event of an emergency they make it easier to organise an evacuation, locate fire protection equipment and direct people to safety.

Establishing a fire assembly point on a temporary site is essential as is the ability to easily move this signage as the site develops. All of our fire points are made with solid rubber tyres for reliable and durable mobility.

Why do I need Fire Safety Signs?

Most people won’t make a note of fire safety equipment and safety notices when they walk in a room or on a site. It is not until the event of an emergency that people actually look for fire equipment. In this scenario, it really is critical that signage makes this life-saving equipment visible, not only for those on site but for the emergency services that follow.

It is made necessary with health and safety law for companies to display fire safety signs in ‘appropriate’ locations. It is also essential to keep these areas clear of obstructions and accessible at all times. Of course, this does help save lives and is a moral requirement first.

Our mounting boards make it easy to affix fire point signs to any fence or post making them ideal for temporary construction sites and outdoor events.