Evacuator Site Master Push Button

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  • Self contained battery operated break glass alarm
  • Combined Sounder Strobe
  • Extremely loud 11odB sounder
  • Easily linked units for larger applications
  • ABS moulded plastic casing for durability
  • Push Button Activated
  • Manufactured in the UK

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This version of the Evacuator Sitemaster alarm features a simple push on, twist off push button. The alarm sounds at an extremely loud 110dB which is audible from great distances. For larger or noisier areas the Evacuator Sitemaster alarms can be easily linked using 2 core wire.


  • Combined Sounder Strobe
  • Powerful 110dB sounder
  • Constructed from tough and durable ABS plastic
  • Units can be linked to increase coverage
  • Combined Sounder Strobe
  • Push Button Activated
  • Push on, Twist off
  • Supplied complete with 9v battery
  • Link Upto 25 units
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CE & UKCA Marked


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H 280 x W 165 x D 76mm

IP Rating


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Video Tutorial

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  • Q: How many units can I link together?
  • A: We have tested upto 25 units

  • Q: Do you produce a Call Point version?
  • A: Yes, please see other listing

  • Q: I have broken my sounder, can I purchase spare parts?
  • A: Yes you can, please contact an authorised distributor

2 reviews for Evacuator Site Master Push Button

  1. IAN

    Great Product! Will be buying again.

  2. Sarah

    Does it exactly as should, simple and great

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