If you’re responsible for the safety of a large or a high-risk construction site, you’re probably considering a temporary site fire alarm. Choosing the right site alarm system is a big decision to make, so we at Evacuator Alarms decided to help you out. Below you’ll find the top 5 reasons why our alarm systems specialists believe you should go wireless with your building site alarm system. Let’s get going!  

  1. Wireless = flexibility

    The layout of a large construction site is constantly changing. A fully wireless fire alarm system gives you the flexibility to adapt to the site developments, as they happen. For example, you can easily move both the detectors and the call points around, making this a great practical solution.

  2. It’s entirely battery-powered

    Yep, you read that right: having a battery-powered site fire alarm is no longer to be considered a drawback. They’re far more reliable in case of a power cut, plus, nowadays, thanks to the developments in the fire safety technology sector, wireless fire alarm systems boast a much longer battery life. This makes wireless site alarms as trustworthy as any hardwired alarm system.

  3. It’s quick and easy to install

    It’s simple – no wires, no hassle. If you go wireless, you won’t have to worry about restrictions preventing you from hardwiring into the walls. Another advantage is that the process takes far less time, meaning a shorter downtime for the construction work while your new building site alarm is being installed.

  4. It can be fitted pretty much anywhere

    One of the best things about temporary construction site fire alarms is that they can be fitted in locations that are otherwise hard to access. Additionally, they can be mounted using easy fix mounting boards which gives you even more flexibility on where you can safely fit them.

  5. It’s cheaper in the long run

    The wireless site fire alarm units may be more expensive to buy, however, they’re cheaper to install, maintain, and move around. What’s more, they can even be reused for other construction sites in the future. So, it’s safe to say that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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