Evacuator Synergy Test/Reset Fob


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This secure key fob is designed for use with the Evacuator Synergy RF Call Point Site Alarm. For instances where a Base Station unit has not been installed, the key fob enables you to test and reset the radio-interlinked site alarm system using a simple swipe method. The Call Point Site Alarm has logos on each side to indicate where the fob would need to be swiped in order to test or reset the system.

  • Used as part of an Evacuator Synergy RF site alarm system
  • Designed for use with our wireless fire alarm ranges:
  •     Synergy-RF Range
  •     Synergy-TG Range
  • Enables the system to be tested and reset with ease
  • Simple swipe method over the relevant logos on the call point device
  • Sold singularly

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