Synergy+ TS Base Station

• 85db Buzzer
• Touch Screen Operation
• Connect 250 devices
• Mains Powered Only

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Introducing the new Synergy+ Base Station, the ideal solution to monitor the status of connected devices. The mains powered unit is equipped with new cloud based monitoring capabilities (with optional device), exclusive to the Synergy+ range, and with the ability to connect 250 devices, your site will have extensive coverage. The 480 x 275 touch screen interface features a simple and user-friendly design, displaying in real time any connected devices, fire alerts and first aid alerts.


  • Mains Powered Only
  • Screen resolution: 480×272
  • Connect 250 Devices
  • Secure Pairing
  • First Aid Call function
  • Category One radio module
  • CE, UKCA, ROHS & EMC Compliant
  • System Status Indication
  • Engineers Mode
  • Supervisors Mode
  • 85dB Buzzer
  • Auto Site Reset Function
  • Mesh Radio connectivity
  • Radio Frequency 869Mhz
  • Zoning Function
  • Optional Battery Backup (Separate Device)
  • Colour coded squares for easy device identification
  • Manual Call Point for easy Activation
  • Wall or Desk Mount Configuration
  • Fire Log with real time clock recording last 10 activations


System Types

Type 2 System

  • Base Station Required

This setup is Call Points, Detectors or any other type of Synergy + Device paired in to a Base Station without any type of zoning (Default Base Station setup). This gives addressability back to the Base Station on Full alarm or First Aid.


Type 3 System

  • Base Station Required
  • Engineer Visit Required

Just like a type 2 system, this type is Call Points, Detectors or any other Synergy + Device paired into a Base Station. The difference here is the system has zoning function, so for example you can set Device 1- 10 to zone 1, Device 11-15 to zone 2 etc. On full alarm or First Aid the device address and relevant zone is sent in to Base Station to locate the incident quickly.


Type 4 System

  • Base Station Required
  • Engineer Visit Required

A type 4 system gives you the Functions of a type 3 however the Zoning works a little differently. On Full alarm the devices will only sound in the Zone that initiated the alarm. Other zones will stay quiet unless told to sound by the Base Station. For Example, if we have zone 1 to 3 and an alarm is raised on Zone 2, all sounders will sound on Zone 2 and the Base Station will be flagged. Zone 1 to 3 will stay quiet unless a full alarm is raised from the Base Station.

Additional information


225 x 166 x 75mm

IP Rating

Indoor Only

Power Source

4.5v Transformer, NOTE: Mains Powered Only

Product Code


Sound Output (dB)





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